Elementary school trips with Rose

Posted On: 05/04/2015

What do a hula-hoop competition, Taylor Swift parodies, and the city of Charleston have in common? Easy: Elementary school trips with Rose, that’s what.

Our drivers pride themselves on making school trips not only safe and comfortable, but also loads of fun for the kids. On a recent tour of Charleston, Carlos LeBron did us proud—and made a lot of kids happy—by going above and beyond to make it an unforgettable experience.

We were tickled when the kids showed us their appreciation by sending these letters:


The letter reads:

Dear Mr. Lebron,

I wanted to thank you for making this trip to Charleston fantastic! My first reason is that you drove us to all these great places like the Ecotour, the Dinner, and dance and the Aquarium. My second reason is that you drove the bus well and you hit the whip and played Watch Me. The third reason is that you were the DJ for the dinner and dance!!! You let us have a hula hoop competition and a dance off competition between buses! Thank you for making this trip exciting!


Happy Kiddo


This one says:

Dear Carlos,

I am so glad you were my bus driver and DJ and here is why because on the bus you let us do the whip and nae nae while you were driving. You also made us that parody to blank space.

Another reason you’re so awesome is because you were our DJ. You played awesome music and you did those fun hulu hoop competitions.

I also love your manners. You always held the door and helpeded me with my bags and putting my seat back.

So, I just wanted to thank you did to make my trip great.

My best,

Another Happy Kiddo

You know those teachers are doing something right when the kids exhibit such sweet gratitude. And we’re proud as punch that Carlos gave them so much to be grateful for. Thanks, Carlos!